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InterAid Uganda Ltd. (IAU) IS A NON Governmental, humanitarian national organization established in 1988. It is registered with the National NGO board, and the Uganda National NGO forum. IAU has been and is still involved in projects geared towards the improvement of livelihoods of the disadvantaged persons both in rural and urban areas. IAU has a wide experience in the field of implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Health, Environment, Human Rights, Displaced Persons, Micro finance and capacity building programmes.


InterAid Uganda Limited works to see “an empowered society with equitable and sustainable Development”


IAU’s mission is “to contribute towards advocacy, promotion, protection and sustenance of rights of disadvantaged persons”.


InterAid Uganda Ltd has at the policy making level a governing Board of Directors whose members’ individual capacities comprise of competencies, wide experiences and qualifications on humanitarian issues, displaced persons, human rights, environment, gender, health, HIV/AIDS, institutional capacity building, and strategies for intervention, monitoring and evaluation. The IAU Board executes its functions through two Sub-Committees, namely; (i) Finance, Human Resources and Administration (ii) Fundraising and Programmes


IAU’s qualified, experienced and competent Management Secretariat benefits from regular policy guidance in addition to utilizing management tools including; IAU’s Human Resources Policy, Gender Policy, Finance Policy and Accounting Manual and Procurement Policy, Standard Operating Procedures, Staff Travel Policy and Workplace HIV/AIDS policy.

The management secretariat of IAU is composed of qualified and experienced staff and is responsible for implementation of policy decisions and program activities according to respective agreements. The management benefits from regular policy guidance from the board of directors and utilizes tools including; InterAid Uganda Human Resource Policy, Gender Policy, Finance Policy and Accounting Manual, Procurement policy, Standard operating procedures Staff Travel policy and workplace HIV/AIDS Policy. In addition operational guidelines on managing humanitarian activities such as contained in various UNHCR, other donor guidelines and sphere standards are used. The day today tasks are effectively undertaken by appreciative approaches, the strict use of monitoring and evaluation systems, reporting procedures and accountability. These have enabled tasks such as auditing, evaluation and management decisions to be undertaken timely, effectively and efficiently.

The size of IAU Ltd at any given time depends on the number of programs being implemented. Each program then has its own cadre of staff depending on the nature, size and specialty of the program.

InterAid Uganda Limited, Thematic Program Areas; IAU in its strategic planning chose specific thematic program areas on which to concentrate so as to contribute to the mission. IAU programs therefore fall under the following areas;

  • Human Rights
  • Displaced Persons ( Refugees)
  • Health (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Reproductive Health)
  • Environment
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Institutional Capacity Building


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