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InterAid Uganda donates text books to St. Anthenasius Primary School

InterAid Uganda donated text books to  St. Anthenasius Primary which has accomodated over 300 refugeechildren. The function was presided over by the deputy country representative of UNHCR and Office of the Prime Ministers's (OPM) protection representative. This donation was intended to enhance local integration of refugee children in school and improve on their learning environement. Speaking, during this function the Executive director InterAid Uganda, Madam Scholastic Nasinyama welcomed the representatives from Office of the Prime Minister, UNHCR,staff and the counselors of Inter Aid Uganda,priests present,parents and children at large and made the following remarks;

  • She felt at home to find the great work done by missionaries of the poor to support the refugees and also thanked the Somali parents to attend the function because other times it is rare to find them attended in great number like they did.
  • Also remarked that S.t Athanasius not a UPE school but it works closely with the Inter Aid Uganda in all the matters regardind the education of survivors.
  • She thanked the head teacher to allow the leniency of the refugees culture in the school and accepting the change and acknowleged that education is the key public service.
  • Thanked the refugee performance especially the head boy and the girl who excelled at Katwe primary school.
  • She also informed OPM and UNHCR that 300 refugee children are enrolled at S.t Athanasius primary school and that out of 45000 thausand refugees 29000 thausand are children.



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