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Research on Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Refugee Contexts

InterAid Uganda in partnership with HealthNet TPO in Amsterdam and TPO Uganda, and in collaboration with the Child Protection in Crisis Network Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University, USA, and UNHCR are conducting a research on, Learning Lessons about Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Refugee Contexts and their Linkages with Education on locations in Central and Makindye Divisions in Kampala Uganda. Although the two locations have a number of refugee nationalities residing there the scope of the research shall cover Congolese and Somali refugees only. The research seeks to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of child protection efforts linked to education interventions by UNHCR and NGOs working with refugee populations. The research intends to provide NGOs and other stakeholders with information and best practices so that they may better sustain their efforts to protect refugee children, support families, and collaborate effectively with the Education sector.

In addition, the research will examine ways in which NGOs already do, or do not connect with and learn from Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPMs) in their child protection interventions in the refugee situation. This research will be the first instance of CBCPM mapping in an urban refugee environment and the first research of its kind to focus squarely on the links between CBCPMs and Education.

The research therefore, specifically aims to;

Objective 1: To adapt Community-based child protection mechanism (CBCPM) mapping tools to refugee settings and for more specific analysis in Education settings

Objective 2: To identify and describe in detail existing CBCPMs in an urban refugee setting in Uganda, including those affiliated with formal and non-formal Education environments including linkages with more "formal" child protection mechanisms from government, NGOs, and international agencies such as UNHCR

Objective 3: The research will explore how UNHCR and its partner organization.s (international and local NGOs) can better engage to strengthen CBCPMs and achieve more effective and sustainable results for children

Objective 4: The research will develop guidance on engaging with CBCPMs and establishing synergies with the education sector for the urban refugee setting. The two week training for 08 refugee data enumerators (Congolese and Somali) and InterAid staff facilitated by consultants from University of Colombia on methodologies of data collection that will last for the month of March 2013.



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