Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Refugee Youth in a procession from InterAid Offices See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Executive Director of InterAid Uganda dances with Refugee Youth in Kampala. Refugee Youth couldn't manage to withstand the explosion of  joy of how she has transformed their lives and ended See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

UNHCR Uganda Representative being welcomed by Burundian Refugee Youth during gthe celebrations See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Refugee Youth from Southern Sudan enterain guests during the celebrations See more pictures

Mobilization of Refugees for Census in Kampala

InterAid Staff in an outreach for Census Mobilization See more pictures

Enumeration of Refugees

InterAid Uganda supports Census 2014 of a Refugee through providing interpreters See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Mobilization of Refugees for Census in Kampala Enumeration of Refugees
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Research on Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Refugee Contexts

InterAid Uganda in partnership with HealthNet TPO in Amsterdam and TPO Uganda, and in collaboration with the Child Protection in Crisis Network Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University, USA, and UNHCR are conducting a research on, Learning Lessons about Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Refugee Contexts and their Linkages with Education on locations in Central and Makindye Divisions in Kampala Uganda. Although the two locations have a number of refugee nationalities residing there the scope of the research shall cover Congolese and Somali refugees only. The research seeks to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of child protection efforts linked to education interventions by UNHCR and NGOs working with refugee populations. The research intends to provide NGOs and other stakeholders with information and best practices so that they may better sustain their efforts to protect refugee children, support families, and collaborate effectively with the Education sector.


A team of staff from InterAid Uganda, OPM and UNHCR witnessed the donation of 10 million shillings to Katalemwa as a grant from 'ONE BILLION STRONG', A global initiative advancing the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with Disabilities.

InterAid Uganda team was headed by the Assistant Project coordinator, Madam Lilia Aporo, while UNHCR was represented by senior protection officer.

The Executive Director of Katalemwa Cheshire home welcomed the team and led them in touring different sections like the physiotherapy section, occupational, early learning center , and the workshop where they make the devices for persons with disability (wheel chairs, orthopedic shoes, crutches).


InterAid Uganda commemorates World Aids Day

InterAid Uganda,  Kasensero – Rakai district, 1st Dec. 2012

InterAid Uganda joined the rest of the world on 1st December 2012 to commemorate the World Aids Day (WAD). This year’s commemorations were held under the theme; “Re–Engaging Leadership in fight against Aids”. The national event was held in Kasensero – Rakai District, an area where the first HIV infection was cited and the President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was the Guest of Honor. Speaking during the event, Mr. Museveni emphasized and urged people to abstain from sex especially the youths and young children, be faithful to their partners and avoid multiple sexual networks, use condoms whenever they are not sure of their sexual partners, stop prostitution as it’s the root transmitter of the virus, test for HIV and be sure of their status, use drugs – ART for those already infected and also ensure the Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTC) of the virus.

Verification of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Kampala, Uganda

InterAid Uganda, Old Kampala P/S, 25th October 2012

Towards the end of every year; UNHCR, Office of the Prime Minister(OPM), together with InterAid Uganda, the Urban Refuge Programme implementing partner conduct a verification exercise in one agreed central place accessible to all refugees. The importance of this exercise is to cross check and validate the information on all refugees’ and asylum seekers’ files. This year 2012, the verification exercise started on the Thursday October 25th and will proceed until December 03, at Old Kampala Secondary School play ground. It is important for all refugees and asylum seekers to note that this exercise is a MUST to everyone as information given will be a bench mark for service provision.

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