Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Refugee Youth in a procession from InterAid Offices See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Executive Director of InterAid Uganda dances with Refugee Youth in Kampala. Refugee Youth couldn't manage to withstand the explosion of  joy of how she has transformed their lives and ended See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

UNHCR Uganda Representative being welcomed by Burundian Refugee Youth during gthe celebrations See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

Refugee Youth from Southern Sudan enterain guests during the celebrations See more pictures

Mobilization of Refugees for Census in Kampala

InterAid Staff in an outreach for Census Mobilization See more pictures

Enumeration of Refugees

InterAid Uganda supports Census 2014 of a Refugee through providing interpreters See more pictures

Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees Mobilization of Refugees for Census in Kampala Enumeration of Refugees
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Youth Day celebrations for Urban Refugees

At an immunization training The International Youth Day is an international event during which the whole world recognizes the contribution of youth in accordance with Resolution A/RES/54/120 of the UN General Assembly. Inter Aid Uganda/ UNHCR/ Office of the Prime Minister in partnership with urban refugees joined the rest of the world to commemorate the Day under the theme “Youth Employment and Sexual Reproductive Health” on 15th August, 2014 at Old Kampala and Fairway Hotel. Objectives of the Commemoration To advocate for urban Refugee youth access to public services. To inform the host population and general public about refugees To promote urban Refugee local integration and peaceful co- existence within the host communities. To show case the capacities, skills and talents among the urban refugee youth. In attendance were senior UNHCR staff including the Country Representative, Office of the Prime Minister and other key partners and stakeholders in development and refugees programs in Uganda. The celebrations included a procession from IAU offices to old Kampala by refugees, football marches between Urban Refugee VS Refugees from Kiryandongo settlement and Refugee youth VS Nationals team. Reproductive health services were also provided that included HIV Counseling and Testing services, distribution of male and female condoms and sanitary towels. A musical gala at FairWay Hotel by refugees climaxed the occasion


Start of mobilization of urban refugees for census

During census outreach On 21st August, 2014, a sensitization meeting was organized by IAU to sensitize and inform the LC chairpersons from Makindye, Lubaga and Central Division Councils about the forthcoming Population Census 2014 and counting of refugees during the census. They were informed mainly about the Census night, census period, who will be counted and emphasis was that as refugees they were to be enumerated and should participate by providing all the information asked by the enumerators without fear. This was part of the methodology used to provide information about census on addition to the daily morning addresses and sms. It was also noted that some of the LCs had been sensitized by other Census staff about the census and the information provided enriched them more about the issues of enumerating the refugees and asylum seekers living in the urban environs in Kampala.


Mobilization of Urban Refugees for 2014 Census

At an immunization training On 20th August, 2014, a sensitization meeting was organized by IAU to sensitize and inform refugee community volunteers about the forthcoming Population Census 2014. The participants were from various communities and of different nationalities mainly composed of Congolese, Rwandese, Barundi, Somali, South Sudanese, and Dafurians. They were informed about the dates of census and requested to inform other refugees about the census and that all refugees will also be counted like any other Ugandans and nobody should stop them from being counted. They asked a number of questions which were answered by David Bizimana, the M&E Officer at IAU managing Census 2014 issues .


Refugee Children participate in the launch of Monitor Publication NiE 2014 Programme

At an immunization training With support from UNHCR, InterAid Uganda sponsored the Monitor Publications News Paper in Education (NiE) programme in 32 schools in Kampala. At the launch of the 2014 NiE program at St Anthanasius PS, the UNHCR Education Advisor reminded refugee and national children that education was a right, so that no one should deny them that right. In addition, he informed them that as every right has obligations, so does the education right, and the children were requested to fulfill their obligaions. This year’s Monitor Publications NiE theme is “Readers are Leaders” that is a good leader must be informed. Reading is one of the main channels through which one can access information On her part, the Executive Director, InterAid(U)thanked the national children for supporting refugee children. She paid special recognition to the teachers and in particular Head teachers for their cooperation, support and the extra effort they put in not only to enroll the refugee children but also give specific support to promote their retention in schools. “Thank-you, Thank-you”. She said. “Bravo to Monitor Publications for the NiE programme, testimonies from teachers and pupils tell the success of the NiE programme. Thank you UNHCR for fundraising and funding the needs of refugee children. We look forward for the continued support and cooperation”, The Executive Director said


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